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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made over $35 million trading stocks, now Grant Stinchfield wants her to give the money back!

Nancy Pelosi is the queen of Congressional stock trading.

After over 30 years in Congress, Nancy and her husband are not only multi-millionaires, they are worth at least $140 million and as much as $251 million!

Remember she discloses what her assets are worth, not an independent auditor! So the number could be even higher . . .

Fact check: No, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't worth $196 million

And she and her husband have made a fortune trading stocks . . . not investing but stock trades — with a heavy focus on stock options which work like bets.

Now Grant Stinchfield, host of the popular STINCHFIELD prime time show on Newsmax is fighting back.

STINCHFIELD not only wants Congressmen banned from trading stocks – he wants Nancy Pelosi to give back the $35 million she made on recent stock trades for the very businesses she regulates.

“This is one of the most shocking thing I have seen in 30 years of journalism,” STINCHFIELD says.

“It’s out-and-out corruption and there needs to be accountability.”

STINCHFIELD says Congress gave themselves an exemption from insider trading laws, but it doesn’t make it any less wrong or corrupt.

“Give it back, Nancy,” STINCHFIELD demands.

He wants Nancy to pay at least $35 million back to the federal treasury, or a recognized charity that helps poor or working class families.

“Pelosi says she’s a champion for the poor, but the record shows she’s been lining her own pockets!”

Grant Stinchfield


Join Grant Stinchfield’s fight to get Nancy to give back her $35 million in ill-gotten gains.

You can help today by:

  1. Signing STINCHFIELD’s “Give It Back, Nancy” Petition
  2. Sharing this Petition page on social media, email and more to friends and family
  3. Call in to talk radio, go on social media -- and say you are with STINCHFIELD and want the money back Nancy!

‘Give It Back, Nancy’ Petition to Congress and Media:

I am an American and a law-abiding citizen.

Nancy Pelosi has made at least $35 million with stocks trades on the very companies she regulates.

I demand this practice of Congressional stock trading end.

I demand that House Speaker Pelosi return the $35 million – the profits from these stock trades – to the federal treasury or a recognized charity that aids poor or working class families.

I hereby certify my petition:

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Shocking Facts

  • ➢ The New York Post reported that “gains and dividends from their holdings in just five Big Tech firms — Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft — reaped the Pelosis at least $5.6 million and up to $30.4 million between 2007 and 2020.” Read More »
  • ➢ The Pelosis made $5.3 million off of Google stock the very week Congress softened plans to regulate the search giant. Read More »
  • ➢ In 2021 Nancy Pelosi traded over $50 million stocks – with a gain of over 69%! Her stock performance beat legendary stock pickers like Warren Buffett! Read More »